Tuesday, May 3


A few pics from my long weekend away at Byron Bay, sorry they are all instagram iphone snaps. I spent 3 days with friends sunbaking, eating great food (mmmm eggs benedict) laughing (one of my friends got pooped on by a bird.. so funny) and shopping. I didn't get that gorgeous bag i posted about but all in all it was an amazing little getaway. We didn't end up in the tepee as planned. there was torrential rain the day we arrived and all the tepee floors were wet and there was NO electricity! it was the 8pm at night and the royal wedding was on (it was televised at night here in Oz) and no hotels were answering there phones. We frantically called as many places as we could to book some last minute accommodation for the 7 of us! thankfully ONE place answered. It all worked out perfectly ... and frankly i dont think ill be slumming it at a backpackers again... i like my own bathroom, nice warm bed and electricity .. thankyou. hehe


  1. oh i love these photos, they all look so retro with them being on instagram too which really adds to it! looks like a gorgeous trip - i want to be at the beach instead of sat at my desk now! x

  2. Hello =)
    I love your blog and your illustrations.
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    with love

  3. Looks like a relaxing day. I love Byron Bay was there a few years ago when I went travelling.

  4. oh you should have visited us!! Hope you had a lovely time! Hope you got some sunshine! XXlizzy

  5. Those are great photos! I especially love the ones of the people sunbathing where all you can see are their legs. Eggs benedict - good choice! That is always what I get when I eat breakfast out :o) This past Sunday, I met a friend for brunch, and I ordered "cajun benedict"... which had crawfish in the sauce. It was quite delish!