Monday, June 28

me likey ma bikey

below are some super lovely photo's of bikes bikes and more bikes. i have been sick lately but when im feeling better im going to head out for a nice long bike ride along brisbane river. there is a beautiful bike path that takes you over the river (on a floating boardwalk) through the botanic gardens and then to southbank. my bike is not as pimp as some of these beauties (esp the white one above) but it still is pretty. its a lovely aqua color and teddy and i named her taluula :)
all of these pics can be found on we heart it

Saturday, June 26

"little kisses"

new artwork by me! hope you like it :)


Stumbled upon artist leigh viner (jkldesign) today while skimming through my fav blogs. i find her art amazing, love the colour texture and style she shows. seems like 2009 was her year with her art featured on the cover of the April/March issue of Dujour magazine also the cover of Skirt Magazine's November issue, Forever 21's blog the Skinny, N.E.E.T. Magazine's December issue! pretty inspiring i say. if you want to check out more of her work, visit her jkldesign etsy shop or her super cool blog called create

Thursday, June 24

Bonjour Francois

Wanna watch a good movie?? check out youth in revolt. its a quirky love story where nick twisp (michael cera from Juno) sets his sights on dream girl sheeni saunders, hoping that she'll be the one to take away his virginity. sounds a bit like the same old teen movie yeah? well trust me its not. it deviates from the teen comedy norm and becomes something darker, edgier, and more unexpectedly funny. very cool. i give it a 5 outta 5! love the mo on michael cera! for more click here

Wednesday, June 23

wow... medical centres have stepped up their magazine quality!

i was at the medical centre today, waiting to be seen by the doctor and as i was walking over to the usually dismal magazine table (like seriously! most mags are like 2 yrs old) i see that on the top of the pile is a Yen mag AND its from 2010!!! holy moses! when the doctor called me, only 10mins later i was bummed i had to put it down..coulda stole it i guess.... if i was a bad ass... but im not... ha! anyways... this is going somewhere... i happened to see a lil write up in this Yen mag about bindi booth. So when i got home, i took my medicine, i googled her and found these goodies. check out here website here! its lovley :)

Tuesday, June 22

natalea - flickr photostream

another photostream from flickr that i adore is natalea. click here for more. xo

Monday, June 21

heart vintage photography

sharing some beautiful photos that i stumbled upon mostly from flickr. my fave is Maggie Lochtenberg's flickr page, click here to visit. makes me want to run out and buy a DSLR right now... sigh ...if only i had the mula! these are a few of my favourites, love the haze and lovely colours. xo