Wednesday, December 29

New Artwork - Fall

New artwork I did today, hope you all like it. Let me know in the comments what you think. Named this one "Fall" mainly because of the colour scheme I went with but I think the fact that it is so miserable and rainy outside has come through in the artwork, I still can't believe its crappy weather... its been raining for weeeeeks now. Come on sun, show yourself!!! 

P.S artwork will be uploaded to redbubble to for anyone interested in buying this as a post-card or print x

Monday, December 27

typography tutorial

This 3D glossy font style tutorial is from PSD Tuts, I did the tutorial today trying to experiment with typography and possibly create a new header for my blog, and business cards. The font I'm currently using (for my blog) is Plastic Pill (click here to find it at and I really like the chunky-ness of it, but just to play around I thought I would try this 3D effect using CS5 Illustrator extrude and bevel and Photoshop. To me it looks a bit like a "summer music festival" effect.... sort of like the artwork for Summa field dayze. Not sure thats really the look I want so ill keep playin, looks pretty tho. Let me know your thoughts... stick with the old or try something new???  :)

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, spend time with loved ones and enjoy some time off. I am headed to see family on the Sunshine Coast tomorrow (yes driving on x-mas day!) and off work until after New Years. Thanks for all the support this year and reading my blog, more artwork and goodies in-store for next year! Be safe and happy holidays

Thursday, December 23

Market HQ

Online shop discovery Market HQ. These are a couple of outfits that I like, every item is pretty well priced too. Love this seasons brightly patterned pants & long skirts and this website offers a 'buy outfit' options so you can get the whole package - super easy... 

P.S - I made this...

Check out these cute DIY projects from P.S - I made this. always good to make something yourself, save a few dollars and look individual. There seems to be more blogs popping up with DIY which i love, if you know of any goodies leave a link in the comments, would love to see

Wednesday, December 22

Tuesday, December 7


Hi everyone, Bambi Eyez Design is having its first GIVEAWAY!!!
To thank all of my lovely fans on facebook and followers of my blog I will be giving away

One A4 Framed Print AND 3 Postcards (pictured above) 

To enter the Giveaway all you have to do is 'LIKE' Bambi Eyez on Facebook!
If you suggest Bambi Eyez to your Friends let me know in the comments you get an EXTRA entry into the Giveaway!

Once there are 150 Facebook fans of Bambi Eyez Design the WINNER will be chosen using

 This Giveawy is Open to anyone and everyone! (+ International Readers!)

click here for the Bambi Eyez Facebook page

Good Luck! 

Sunday, December 5

Thursday, December 2

the hardest button to button

I love the  Shop Nasty Gal american online store, these are a few things im drooling over.
always a bit hesitant about shopping online for clothes, thinking that they might not fit right, having to return the silly things, still though i enjoy sitting and finding fashion inspiration online rather than hanging out with the crowds. Do you like shopping for fashion online? if so send me a link in the comments :)

Monday, November 29

New Artwork - Celebrate the irony

this artwork i whipped up in the last couple of days, just playing around with photoshop and my wacom bamboo tablet. I heard the song "lets dance to joy division" by the wombats this morning on triple j and i have been singing the words all day so decided to add them to this design. i really like the expressions on each girls face, especially on the right, almost like she could attack at any moment. ha ha okay now im rambling. anyway let me know what you think?  

Sunday, November 28

New Artwork - Roxanne

Roxanne is new artwork I created using watercolours, photoshop and stock texture for the background. I'll be uploading this to redbubble as well, if anyone is interested in buying it :)

Friday, November 26

Tiffany Atkin

As most of you know I sell a my art on redbubble, and the lovley precious girl who got me to give it a go, is the same girl who creates these perfectly pretty illustrations Tiffany! not sure why I have not featured her artwork on my blog before as its more than worthy. Tif's artwork and motivation inspire me alot. Go and check out the rest of her amazing work on her redbubble page tiffatron and if you like it become a fan of her facebook page

Thursday, November 18

fi fi and rummage

hey hey, just a little cute pic of me and my cute kitty Fi Fi. She's looking a little shocked in this photo, I think she's a bit camera shy. I signed up for Suitcase Rummage (a small scale market day) held on Dec 5th so i have to get my ass into gear and order some nice prints and possibly get business cards too. Im thinking of getting prints on Hanemuhle Photo Rag, which is a bit more expensive than normal but I think it will make the prints more professional.  This will be my first time selling my prints so its a bit scary but Teddy is coming along with some of his artwork too so should be a fun day out. Really unsure how to price my work too... eeek! Also keen to do a few new artworks too so stay tuned xo

Monday, November 15

Top Shop - Rings

Top Shop has some pretty spesh rings online at the moment, totally drooling over ALL of these, but I decided on just one for the moment, the deer ring, hopefully it fits! will keep you posted x

 - the one above is actually a wrist band, different take on a charm bracelet.

Thursday, November 11

blog to follow - kertii

I wanted to share with you an awesome blog I found today by kertii a 19-year-old graphic design student/ photographer from Tartu, Estonia. I absolutly love her fashion style and the photography is devine! definately worth a look! click here. I will be printing some of these images out for my inspration board!

Wednesday, November 10

So F'in Cute

I love checking out for fashion and style ideas and yesterday I found the lookbook page of Kelli Murray Larson a 25 year old artist / illustrator / designer from California. Dont you just think she has the cutest style?? I especially love the image above of her with the kombi van. And her drwaings are pretty dam adorable. How can someone be so stylish and talented. Im jealous! :)

Tuesday, November 9

more my dead pony

I'm so inspired by the work of Raphael Vicenzi (My Dead Pony)  I have featured his work on my blog before but these are a few newer ones that were added to his Behance page. every piece is imaginative and kooky and I love the random patterns and typography.

Monday, November 1

fuji instax mini

Do you like my new toy! Fuji instant camera as a birthday pressie from my boyfriend. can wait to order a truck load of film off ebay and start snapping :)

Wednesday, October 27

creative cookies

Whatever you can think up, Cookieboy can bake it! he can bake cookies of things you never thought of as being cookie potential. check out these sweeties...

Cookieboy was born in 1984 in Kyoto and graduated from textile design course at Kyoto. yummo!
check out his website here