Wednesday, September 29

inspiring words

When others doubt, be confident in your vision. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do what you want to do. Just go for it and do it now.

Don’t’ follow fashion trends. The most fashionable thing you can be is to be you. Travel the world, live in other cities, learn cultures. Learn because it keeps your mind young. You don’t need a university degree to be successful, although it may be helpful, but don’t do it because your parents – or you? – have status anxiety. Stop whining about it.

But what you do need is vision, tenacity and confidence in what you do. Do what you love now. Listen to your heart, it knows what makes you happy.

If your job sucks, stop blaming others, your boss, your parents, the unverse. Just quit and take responsibility for your own choices. It’s not about the sucky job. It is about you being in the wrong place. There’s never a better time than now.

Start doing what your mind has been ticking away for you to do for years. Take risks. Be in a relationship that flows effortlessly. Trust your gut feeling. Intuition is strong and powerful.

this was not written by me. credit: THE COOL HUNTER

Sunday, September 26

bambi eyez: new artwork 'sunken treasure'

new artwork by me! i called this one 'sunken treasure' after the song of the same name by wilco. The lyrics to that song kept running through my head as i was creating this, but i never knew the actual name of the song until i googled the lyrics. ha ha! I used watercolour brushes and a nice thick paper texture layered under the illustration. i have been inspired a lot by vintage photographs of late so i think this shows in the piece. a cannon is next on my 'to buy' list!! hope you all like :)

Friday, September 24

cellardoor magazine

while aimless clicking around the interwebs i found this cutey online magazine called Cellardoor created by Amy Power & Jade Cooper-Collins in the UK. they first created Cellardoor at university and are now branching out and developing their ideas further. the current issue features creative workspaces, amazing to see how tidy some of them are! ha ha! i love seeing other people's art rooms offices and desks and how they surround themselves with inspiration. click here to view the mag and older versions at issuu

Thursday, September 23

Ali J

love these cute collage pieces by Ali J, the use of newspaper is really clever. there are some magnets and badges (last image at bottom) that are are low as $2 on her website so check it out here!

Sunday, September 19

bambi eyez: new artwork

hey hey, this is a new artwork I have been working on. Still unsure if it needs some text, maybe like she is saying something... but i cant decide what. Let me know if you have any suggestions? hope you like it. if you want to see all of my artworks check out my website

Thursday, September 16

flickr favourites

here are some of my fave images found on flickr recently. enjoy x
(credits below each photo)

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Tuesday, September 14

silly photo post

this post is just me being silly playing dress ups with hats, sunnies and beanies, taking photos on the web cam and playing with filters! lol... hope you like em! check out the cool photo cabine website here!  the background music on the site is pretty cute, makes you feel like your in france ;)

lyrics and type

I am often inspired by lyrics and use words within my work to help convey a feeling or message. I stumbled upon the website for LYRICS AND TYPE - an ongoing international type and illustration initiative founded by Timba Smits, the creator of the award winning arts culture publication Wooden Toy Quarterly. The exhibition was held on the 8th April 2010, in East London, in Brick lanes very own East Gallery. check out the new wooden toy here!

Monday, September 13

action crazeeee

okay im going to geek out for a minute here and blab on about how much im in love with these photoshop actions by nightfate. no more boring crappy looking photos, just one click and you have these awesome warm tones and ultra cool contrast. cant wait to try these out! for all of nightfate's photoshop actions click here. enjoy (p.s they are FREEEE to download!!

Tuesday, September 7

drawings by marc johns

check out these fun drawings by marc johns! he adds drawings onto his blog every week or so, check out his site to see heaps more of these cutesy little drawings!

"He never did ver well in school, but he was particularly gifted at controlling his laser eyes"

Friday, September 3

alia penner

check out these fab works from alia penner who resides in LA. very cool collages, more of her work found here

Thursday, September 2

society 6

check out some splendid works of art over at society 6. i almost bought a couple until i realised that they smack $25 international postage fee onto the price, oh well ill just have to be inspired from my computer screen **sigh** they come in shirts, prints, laptop skins and iphone skins!! lovelove