Tuesday, August 31

necklaces by baptiste viry

i really love these necklaces by baptiste viry.com from paris. so original, never seen anything like it. very cool!!!

Monday, August 30

heart ombre hair

everywhere i look i keep seeing this amazing ombre hair style and i want it bad. ombre hair is when it has that sunbleached look on the ends like in the pics above. i recently had my hair dyed at the hair dresser to mimic this but it no where near bright enough. i found this very cute blogger named lily melrose from the UK who actully DIY her ombre hair and it looks great (pic below) so im thinking of doing the same, what the worst that can happen... its just hair right??!! ha

photography by elias wessel

check out these dream-like photographs by elias wessel, love the softness mixed with striking colours. very pretty. to check out heaps of other photos click here. lovelove

Wednesday, August 25

VOTE for ME! bikini design comp

Hey peeps, this is a design that i submitted for the Billabong design a bikini competition. I based it on one of my original artworks "Would you please" keeping with the watercolour theme. if you want to vote for this design to win, you can right HERE! All you have to do is click on the "LIKE" button and thats it! thanks for your support xxx Ems

richard phillips

these artworks are by photorealist painter Richard Phillips who lives and works in New York. He is known for his large-scale glossy hyper-realistic paintings, recalling the pictorial style of magazines from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and reflecting traditions of popular image.

Monday, August 23

Burnt Feather

another etsy artist created these cuties. Fee Harding is the australian girl behind Burnt Feather. she likes sketching doodling and daydreaming and she has free shipping any where in the world! the zombie legs are the coolest, i think teddy would like! and the one below reminds me of snuggling my kitty Fi Fi. check out her etsy page here

Friday, August 20

nan lawson

loving these adorable drawings by nan lawson from LA. check out more of her stuff on etsy here

Friday, August 13

new stuff - supernature

these are a few little ideas i have been working on the last few weeks. they are still a work in progress, im trying to focus on nature, playing with diferent styles and textures. hope you like em, will post more work soon. to check out my other work visit my website emmadalzell.com

Thursday, August 12

lola's room on etsy

Found these cute pastel photo's on etsy from lola's rooms
very sweet and reasonably priced too! check out more on her etsy page.

Tuesday, August 10

Marius Bauer

I have been wanting to use animals in some of my upcoming artwork and im feeling really inpired by these artworks for system kings by Marius Bauer. the simple shapes with bright colours look amazing, i especially like the 'bambi' :P

Friday, August 6

nikki farquharson

Lovin these bright coloured drawings meshed with photography to make collage by nikki farquharson.

Wednesday, August 4

a secret world....

I just think this is dam cute... :)

Tuesday, August 3


Found these designs today by Pogo. They are a design and art boutique established in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2008 by Ardi and Pampa. Created with the intention to work for transgressing the traditional boundaries of advertising and design. The boutique projects are focused on providing creative solutions in the fields of art direction, branding, visual identity, general direction, photography and illustration.
They also have a free downloadable zine called soko that they have been running for a year click here to check it out