Wednesday, May 25

emma parry

can you believe these amazing photographs are taken by a 20year old!?? Emma Parry is a photographer from Leeds who i found through "booooooom"
click here for more of her work... such a rad style. love it!

Tuesday, May 24


some cutie illustrations by Lisa Evans from firefluff - found on Etsy
these remind me alot of story books i had as a child, especially the soft furryness of the animals.
so adorable just had to share!

Monday, May 23


it's been getting colder here in Australia over the past few weeks, not that I'm complaining... its actually a nice change since we dont really get the full four seasons like other countries, and i love getting rugged up with warm wooly clothes, cups of hot tea and warm winter dinners. i found these cute lambswool fingerless gloves on etsy by vKnit and i just adore them! i have been checking out  oh deer vintage online for some warm winter clothes as I have nothing to wear... and even trying to find a cute sweater for my cat kinda like this one. Ha ha seriously.. if anyone knows where to buy cat clothes let me know! oxo 

Friday, May 20

dead amusements

These captivating images by Suzy Poling are of Chippewa Lake Theme Park, which remained open for 100 years before being abandoned in the late 70s and, eventually, reclaimed by nature. How rare to find such an amazing place to photograph. each image beautifully captures the decay. adore them!

Wednesday, May 18


Sorry about the lack of posting. with all the blogger issues last week i was unable to post the winner of my Bambi Eyez giveaway. If you follow me on twitter you may already know... the lucky winner is Daisy Kate!!! 
congrats on winning and thanks to everyone who entered. 

If you want to get your hands on one of my prints, feel free to email me or visit 

Tuesday, May 10

cross my heart

This black velvet turban is my most recent purchase, it's from Casper&Pearl a handmade fashion label just starting out in Adelaide, South Australia. I met Stacey from Casper&Pearl through blogging and bought the turban from her etsy store. When i received it in the post, i opened it to find this gorgeous handmade cross necklace as a gift! so sweet and such a nice surprise.  her grandfather cuts up the crosses in his workshop, how adorable is that!

 i'm still a bit nervous about wearing the turban out, what do you think of the turban trend? and do you like the look on me ? xox

Sunday, May 8

get lucky

a few snaps from saturday night. my two finger cross ring arrived in the post on friday, so excited that it actually fits. it's always a bit of a gamble buying jewelry online. i'm wearing my fave top from asos which is actually from the maternity wear section LOL .... (not preggo) it just fits like a loose blouse which i love and i always get complimented when i wear it.

Saturday, May 7

ModCloth: cute as a button

ModCloth is teaming up with indie button-maker Badge Bomb for the
Cute As a Button Contest. 

Above is my entry into the comp, prize includes getting 500 pieces of my artwok produced by One Inch Round (Badge Bomb’s button manufacturer) and a gift certificate. I would love it so much if you could help me out by voting for my badge on facebook. All you have to do is click on this link --> and either click "like" or comment on the badge. 

Once again thanks so much for your support, and dont forget about my giveaway! comment on this post  and be a follower of my blog to be in the draw. winners drawn 11 May 2011! xox

Friday, May 6

young blood

Have you heard of The Naked and Famous yet?? 
well u should have because they are ah-mazing!! he he!
this song "young bloods" is one of my fave songs at the moment, totally summery, uplifting, whimsy-beats (just making words up here lol) kinda in a silly mood today, friday is always exciting... end of the work week! hoping the weather stays the way it has been, 22 degrees, beautiful blue skys & sunshine with a hint of cool autumn air... perfection! Hope you all have exciting weekends planned... let me know what your up to? x

Thursday, May 5

friendship bracelets

I found this ultra cool tutorial over at p.s i made this for braided friendship bracelets, and had to share. for the full tutorial pop over to Erica's blog for this and many other DIY stuff. i was only just talkin with em dickson on twitter the other day how much i wanted some friendship bracelets... looks like they are making a comeback!

Wednesday, May 4

photo editing

I have recieved alot of interest in my photos recently, mainly "how do you edit your photo's to look so good?" well I have to admit, i have some handy help from these photoshop actions from Nightfate who can be found on deviant art.  If you have photoshop they are super easy to use and make photo editing so much easier. 
love making my photos have a vintage whimsical feel...

some of my faves from nightfate are here, here and here

Also im on twitter! so please feel free to add me and ill follow back. I'm in the process of adding a button to the side bar

Tuesday, May 3


A few pics from my long weekend away at Byron Bay, sorry they are all instagram iphone snaps. I spent 3 days with friends sunbaking, eating great food (mmmm eggs benedict) laughing (one of my friends got pooped on by a bird.. so funny) and shopping. I didn't get that gorgeous bag i posted about but all in all it was an amazing little getaway. We didn't end up in the tepee as planned. there was torrential rain the day we arrived and all the tepee floors were wet and there was NO electricity! it was the 8pm at night and the royal wedding was on (it was televised at night here in Oz) and no hotels were answering there phones. We frantically called as many places as we could to book some last minute accommodation for the 7 of us! thankfully ONE place answered. It all worked out perfectly ... and frankly i dont think ill be slumming it at a backpackers again... i like my own bathroom, nice warm bed and electricity .. thankyou. hehe