Thursday, July 29

white owl

have a looksee at these seriously cute necklaces by white owl on etsy! lovelove

Wednesday, July 28

fashion illustration

I love fashion illustrations and i discovered these beautiful images today created by David Downton leading international fashion illustrator and celebrity portrait artist

Tuesday, July 27


I recently joined threadless to possibly sell some t-shirt designs (nothing of mine up yet) but i found these lovely designs by ginetteginette. check out her threadless page here

online shopping

I've been doing a bit of online "window" shopping lately, getting ideas for outfits from O/S shops like forever 21, urban outfitters, top shop and my new fave is nasty gal

Wednesday, July 21


look at this amazing campervan by sophie goodenough, makes me want to take a road trip to byron. love the bright colours and eclectic patterns, so adorable

Tuesday, July 20

online magazines

online magazines are the way of the future. i mean, i do love being able to hold something tangible and have a tea out in the backyard with a good mag, but i really like the idea that almost anyone now can make their own mag and upload it. the website issuu has loads to download and read for free and they are from all over the world. here are a few im reading at moment. the magazine cover above is 1am. it's cutting edge of NZ contemporary culture and is full of individual expression, fashion directions, ideas and inspiration. The image below is a cover from BATS magazine. It's a free Brisbane-based street press and online magazine created by five teenage girls. They aim to showcase australian art, music, photography and design.

Fan the Fire Magazine (formerly LOAD) is a stylish digital magazine for all lovers of music, film, art, style, TV and games.

The Coveted Mag, an independant magazine dedicated to supporting and promoting the Scottish Fashion Industry.

Ninety Two mag is created by four young girls from Brisbane formed to create a creative online magazine to support Brisbane-based artists/illustrators/musicians/ photographers.

Monday, July 19


 Warpaint are a Los Angeles based “psychedelic” band and I’d have to say that description is apt. The acoustic and smoky harmonies of Warpaint’s “Billie Holiday” is a cover, borrowing large chunks of the Smokey Robinson-penned 1964 classic, “My Guy” (a hit for Mary Wells) and rerouting the original’s giddiness to adopt a sort of apathetic haze that’s very much in need of a Xanax, or perhaps the victim of one too many. After one listen to their music, you know you’re experiencing something special. The Echo Park based quartet of Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar), Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass, vocals), Theresa Wayman (vocals, guitar) and Josh “Jocelyn” Klinghoffer – have drawn comparisons to Cat Power, Sonic Youth, Mazzy Star and The Slits.

listen to a few of Warpaints songs below...

Nothing you can say,

Can take me away,
From my guy.
Nothing you could do,
'cause I'm stuck like glue,
To my guy.
I'm sticking to my guy,
Like a stamp to a letter,
Like birds of a feather,
We, stick together,
I can tell you from the start,
I can't be torn apart from my guy

Billie Holiday


Sunday, July 18

karen kurycki

check out these watercolour prints by karen kurycki an award-winning senior art director and current team member of BroadBased Communications, marketing and advertising agency. specializing in print design, illustration and brand development. her commercial artwork often has an air of youthfulness, humor and experimentation; qualities that truly make her work unique. As you may have realised... im in love with watercolour so naturally i was drawn to karen's work.


Wednesday, July 14

jasper goodall

 these images are by the very talented jasper goodall. the images have a strong nod toward fetishism, lots of shiny rubber and gloopy gloss, and a sense of anonymity through the use of masks. one image stands out in particular, that of a voluptuous female figure clad in tight black latex with the head of Bambi, goodall explains that he is interested in certain recurrent themes within sexuality and in particular fetishism, he is as intrigued as much by their repetition and the resulting cliché that occurs, as he is intrigued by the actual content of the idea.

"I liked the idea that I could corrupt Bambi, a modern day symbol of innocence and turn her 'bad' thus re creating the nun cliche in a new way."

visit his website here

Friday, July 9

Kristina Collantes

kristina collantes is a young illustrator and designer living in California. I really love her use of colour and intricate patterns in her work, oh yeah ... and the total randomness... so imaginative. She’s currently working on a type, colorful and organic. A & B are done but we hope see 24 others soon.

here is a quote from her that i love...

Thats when I chose to take up catting* as a profession. I bought 7 cats and my life has been awesome ever since. I shit you not.
*Collecting/befriending local/overseas cats.
find out more on her behance page

the flaming lips picked two illustrations from her portfolio to use for their promotional posters for the Bonnaroo Festival.

lettters A and B from her new type illustrations

pretty textile design she created

Thursday, July 8

i love moustaches

moustache acceptance is currently at an all time high - or at least the highest its been since the 70's. i really like moustaches and facial hair (on guys.. ha ha) at the bottom of this post is a cool link to a photoshop brush of moustaches! so now you can 'stache up all the photos of your buddies.... enjoy x

very cool 'stache shirts... really tempted to buy the one above

some sweet sterling silver moustache rings... yipeeeee. click here to buy


cute moustache necklace

click here to download a free moustache brush for photoshop!