Tuesday, March 29

Cats and Rocking Chairs

Blog to Follow: Cats and Rocking Chairs
You may have seen this one getting hype out in the blogsphere but I had to share as it's one of my fave style blogs.  Morven from Scotland also has a lookbook.nu page to die for ... love every one of her stylish outfits.

Monday, March 28

blink and you'll miss a revolution

Just a little post to let you know I updated my playlist on the right side bar thingy...
Have a listen if you like, songs from Cut Copy, Radiohead, Spakadia and my fave at the mo Lykke Li's "i follow rivers" 

Wednesday, March 23


Another etsy find.... Sabrina Tibourtine! she is a freelance illustrator from Cologne, Germany. I have soft spot for collage and I love Sabrina's take on the style.  To make it even nicer its Euroweek on etsy (21st-27th March) so she's giving you 11% discount on all of her prints :)

Tuesday, March 22

tamgutlich on etsy

exquisite photography by Tamara Lichtenstein (USA)
found her work through etsy and loved it immediately. check out more and buy here  

Monday, March 21

louder than silence

Louder Than Silence is a blog that documents the life and times of a boy (Ross) and a girl (sally) who live in London town and are a little bit in love with fashion, design, people, culture and music. As well as each other, of course. They share a passion for photography and writing and the blog is a joint effort and focuses on their day to day life 

about Sally: obsessive tea drinker who is also partial to an ice cold gin and tonic. Works in fashion PR at a little agency in the west end but is a vintage girl at heart, who loves nothing more than trawling charity shops, flea markets and car boots for vintage gems.

about Ross: music enthusiast and massive typography geek. Designs for print and web at a creative agency called Hello Slate in Hoxton.

These are a few of my favourite outfits taken from the blog. Love her style.


The new Bats mag is out! just reading it online here. Includes a interview with the talented artist Sara Webb (check out her blog) from milk and honey and funny ramblings from Neese Gill about first year uni students... plus heaps more. 

Sunday, March 20


Some gorgeous inspiration for your sunday afternoon (or saturday night depending on where you are in the world) These lovely illustrations are by Nadia Flower from New Zealand. Nadia has produced work for clients around the world, and has also appeared in group exhibitions and book publications in Australia ,Tokyo, and the US. I love how fragile, delicate and imaginative her work is. My favourite would have to be one with the fox/wolf hat. 

Wednesday, March 16

whats new pussycat

these beautiful artworks are by Elisa Gonzalez. I have been following her on Behance and loving her squiggly line style with bursts of color. for more click here

Tuesday, March 15


These poster designs are by Katharina Hüttler for a range of diverse music shows. I stumbled across her work from a website called Typography Served which had heaps of inspiring ideas. 
I love all of these posters, each one so different but keeping to her style. Regular readers to my blog know I'm a huge fan of cats so I'd have to say that the "cat princess" above is my fave.

Monday, March 14

press play

Playbutton is a wearable button that plays music: A record that plays itself.
Like an album the sequence of the music can not be altered.

Playbutton pairs the concept of a great album with the classic button pin for the perfect wearable way to listen to music. The front of the button typically features artwork, keeping the album cover relevant while making it easier for bands to distribute and promote their music in a tangible way.  

Like an iPod Shuffle (and keeping true to the artist's vision), the songs can't be rearranged but the simple device does have controls to play, pause, skip, and adjust volume, all powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. making for a clever new way to distribute and promote music.

Sunday, March 13

fur baby

I feel like I'm always posting photos of my cat on my blog lately haha! I swear i do have a life and I'm not a crazy cat lady .. um actually I am a little crazy ... so maybe I am. lol 

I finally got an iphone so I'm going a little bit mental taking photos of everything, trying out the apps, different lenses, filters, flashes so much fun. Let me know which one is your fave.

I have also started using flickr more and created a 'set' just for my cat Fi Fi
check it out here

Saturday, March 12

Conrad Roset

Conrad Roset is a young illustrator based from Barcelona, Spain. Client includes: Zara, Adidas, Oceano, Filmax (Nocturna’s film), Periferiaestudio, Escletxa, Buble and Globalrhytm. These are some of my favourites but there are loads more "muses" on his flickr page. just gorgeous and so talented.