Wednesday, October 27

creative cookies

Whatever you can think up, Cookieboy can bake it! he can bake cookies of things you never thought of as being cookie potential. check out these sweeties...

Cookieboy was born in 1984 in Kyoto and graduated from textile design course at Kyoto. yummo!
check out his website here

write a bike

check out these sweet rides by Juri Zaech, he is currently working on a way to produce a prototype of one of the bikes. hot!

Wednesday, October 20

lara jade

this girl is amazing! here are a few images taken by Lara Jade a 21yr old photographer who currently resides in Central London. At only seventeen she started her own business, Lara Jade Photography. Originally taking on small clients, she soon picked up a strong understanding of the business qualities needed to deal with her high demand for work. To this day she hasn’t looked back, moving from strength to strength, becoming the youngest photographer to shoot at the world famous Spring Studios to date. A strong pursuit of perfection means Lara spends all her spare time working relentlessly on her ever-improving portfolio, as well as teaching workshops across the UK and worldwide. Such an inspiration to me that someone so young has so much talent and success. click here to visit her website and I would also reccommend checking out her official blog, where you can find her personal and work experiences, new imagery and the behind the scenes of a working photographer’s life.

Tuesday, October 19

ring ring ring ... me

i was having a little look at gary pepper vintage blog and noticed she has some amazing rings that i really want to get my mits on! i always shy away from buying large rings, but these pics are inspring me to keep my eye out for a statement ring (or a few!)

love love LOVE this one!

Wednesday, October 13

the perfect 5

have a looksies at this music blog I found called the perfect 5 which lists
five songs every week: 1.Hyped 2.Covered 3.Classic 4.Remixed 5.Loved
download by right clicking + save link as.
it claims its a music blog for people who don't have time for music blogs.
i think it's splendid :)
click here!

Monday, October 11

Amy Martino

i'm absolutely am in love with the style of NY based Art Director and Graphic Designer Amy Martino. she makes minimalistic silhouettes mixed with great colour and each print is so unique and interesting. check out more of her collection of illustrations here

hannah viktorsson

while clicking on stumbled upon these lovely works of art by hannah viktorsson, a swedish illustrator and graphic designer. she makes these amazingly detailed illustrations combining so much detail in the shading and simple lines. check out her website!

Saturday, October 9

kitty spell

Check out some of the work of London-based photographer, illustrator and graphic design student Boya Latumahina (who works under the pseudonym Zippora Lux) Joining two of her favourite things – Hubble telescope photographs and cats – Latumahina has brilliantly presented kittens as celestial beings. If your like me and want to see more cats! check out this website for girls & cats, cats in soft focus, cats on film, its called dream cats :P

Sunday, October 3

i did it!

finally got my hair did! been wanting this 'ombre' style (looks like grown out blonde hair) for a while now, my gorgeous friend Ange who is a hair dresser turned graphic designer came over to my place on sat and spent almost 3 hours on my hair! love how it turned out, much better than me DIY and so cheap compared to a salon cut on colour! love it! 

p.s thats teddy's scull drawing in the background if your wondering :P

Friday, October 1


love these eclectic collages from the website Kohlage. this site is dedicated to the expressive art form of collage. It is a place where artists can go to showcase their works and/or find inspiration in the work of others. check it out!