Sunday, July 31

Lukasz Wierzbowski

totally in love with these photographs by Lukasz Wierzbowski! the use of nature in each is just stunning, each one framed perfectly. check out his flickr here

Ever since i bought my canon camera a few months back i have found it hard to think of ideas on what to shoot. getting a model or a friend who is willing to let you take a million photo's of them is pretty tough so i have been mostly practicing on my cat.. (lol) but these photographs above are so inventive and beautiful, they motivate me to get out there and experiment! 

Wednesday, July 27

Little Lies

Little Lies by Bambi Eyez

Hey hey, so here is the finished product of my artwork I will be contributing to a zine. I'm really please with how it turned out. Hope you all like it! If anyone is interested in buying one of these black and white prints please be sure to let me know in the comments section of this post and I can add some to my Etsy store. 


Friday, July 22

tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

New #bw #design for teddy's zine - sneakypeak!

Like my new #horse #galaxy triangle mooks top I'm wearing?!! Bargain 8bucks off eBay
(Mooks shirt - bargain ebay purchase for $8)

I'm currently working on a black and white artwork for a zine that my boyfriend is putting out! here is a sneaky peak of the design and also my new shirt that has inspired some elements of the new artwork. will post the artwork on here when its complete... can't wait to show you! :)

Wednesday, July 13

navajo print

need to get my hands on a tribal / navajo print tee! these four are my faves that are currently available from urban outfitters. it says on the website that they ship to Australia but i have never purchased anything from them... has anyone else? i would love to know. 

Monday, July 11

wedding bells

Some new designs I have been hard at work creating. This is a custom artwork that I was asked to create as a wedding gift. Such a special moment so I wanted to do something amazing! I created a magical forest wonderland around the couple and used a green and blue colour scheme that the couple had mentioned that they like. I based the illustration on a photograph that was sent to me by the groom's sister and the lyrics come from a song that he will sing at the wedding. I know I don't know these people and they live on the other side of the earth but I feel lucky that I was chosen to create a special gift that they will hopefully keep forever. 

What do you guys think? 

sweet escape

I'm heading to Spain and Greece very soon for a 3 week holiday! so so excited to travel, explore, relax and not work!

Saturday, July 9

market hq / supre / equip

Supre sleeveless tie top / equip leopard print sunglasses 

Market HQ floppy 70's hat

Can't wait to wear these paired with my leather shorts on my overseas holiday!
I mentioned it briefly on twitter but will make a post soon with more details about that ... 

Friday, July 8

colour me grey

some inspiration for this cold weather (in Australia) I wanted to capture the soft muted tones of the colder temps so I found a selection of images from Flickr... click on the source link to see the original author. hope you like them x

Monday, July 4


okay i'm totally showing off now... but look at this darling charm bracelet that I won from Ella Masters! I entered one of her giveaways on her blog, and just happened to be the one lucky person to now have this precious gift in my hands. One of a kind and sent all the way from the uk it arrived in my mailbox today, complete with this hand drawn 'well done' card with descriptions of where each charm was found.

big love! thank you Ella oxo

Sunday, July 3

Asos sale purchases

I can't believe the amount of online sales at the moment. I have spent hours checking out Topshop, New Look, Market HQ and Asos ... sort of window shopping and looking for bargains and when I saw that the coral Dahlia dress from Asos was on sale for HALF PRICE I had to snap it up. I first saw the dress over on Le Blog De Betty and fell in love with it.  I also added a pussy bow blouse to the shopping cart, couldn't resist. Now fingers crossed they fit me!

p.s im selling a few items of clothing over on ebay! click here to have a look.
all clothes have been worn once, fit size 10-12 :)

instagram love

love spongebob! 

my cat fi fi in the morning sun

fuzzy toy my boyfriend won for me in a skill tester machine

fi fi looking pretty p.i.m.p in her shades... hehehe

Can't get enough of the instagram app on my iphone.. so addictive! Feel free to share any other cool app's that you know of in the comments! I'm already playing angry birds, tiny wings and words with friends. Between the apps, twitter and emails im surprised i get any work done at all. 

Saturday, July 2

Peruvian stone rings

Want to get your hands on one of these babies?? I snapped one up but thinking about getting another because they are seriously cheap cheap cheap! hop on over to Market HQ and get one for only $19 and also some great deals in their current sale. I bought a ring and a 70's floppy hat ... cant wait to get my goodies!