Thursday, February 24

Etsy Store : Now Open

My Etsy store is now open! woop woop! he he... Feel free to go check it out here. There are a few prints on there at the moment. These are high quality GiclĂ©e prints on acid-free Hahnemuhle fine art paper using archival long lasting pigment ink (basically means they will last longer than me.. lol)  I wanted to get them printed like this too see the difference between good stock and normal stock. They look really good and if your anything like me, good stock really can make all the difference as far as the look, feel and quality of the print.  I might do some smaller sizes, postcards and greeting cards to add to the mix.

When Teddy's away ... Emma and Fifi will play! the boy is at work so we just mucking around on the iMac photobooth. Here are a few funny pics of me and my cute cat. 
I love the one where she is pawing my face. 

Friday, February 18

Double Exposures

Dan Mountford is a 20yr old design student and he has certainly mastered creating double exposure photographs. All of his photos are created in-camera and then are slightly edited in Photoshop (adjusting colors, tones). 
He also has some pretty amazing digital illustration so check out his flickr page for more.

Thursday, February 17

Instax Mini Pics

These are a few of my recent Fuji Instax mini pics (finally got around to scanning them)
I don't often share many personal photo's on this blog but these are some cute ones I wanted you to see. Above is Teddy and I on Christmas Day with my sister's dog Hurley, these reindeer ears got a work out!

Me on Christmas Day eating some delicious Pavlova... yum!
(getting snapped with a mouthful)

Another cute pic of Hurley....

My adorable kitty cat Fi Fi ... love her so much!

Shorncliffe Peir, Brisbane

Me and my good friend Leigh on Australia Day!

Tuesday, February 15

she's the hunter .... you're the fox

New artwork! just finished this one today. It's called "she's the hunter". I liked these lyrics from an old song which some of you might know by Ace of Base
(haha remember them! sooo 90's)

So if you are in sight and the day is right
She's the hunter you're the fox
The gentle voice that talks to you won't talk forever
It is a night for passion
But the morning means goodbye
Beware of what is flashing in her eyes
She's going to get you

Yukari Terakado

These soft illustrations are by Yukari Terakado, an illustrator born in Japan. Really admire the detail in the attention to detail, and also the random unicorn horn. click here for more. 

Under a Spell

Spell - Warrior Princess from Spell on Vimeo.

Hidden amongst the galleries and artist's studios of Byron Bays Arts & Industry Park, you will find Spell Boutique. It is Elizabeth and Isabella's (the designers) very own gypsy wonderland, and stocks their iconic Native American inspired adornments, fashion & footwear, as well as an eclectic collection of recycled and vintage fashion treasures.

I just adore this kind of fashion style that Spell create. The colors are just phenomenal, the pale pink and blue are gorgeous with the sky and the sand. There is so much going on, but everything works together magically.

Wednesday, February 9

Bambi Eyez on Threadless!

Dear friends,

I finally did it! I have submitted one of my designs to Threadless. You can help me get my design printed by going to Threadless and scoring it a 5 (which is the Highest) or commenting under the image. If my design is printed, Threadless will pay me $2,500 in cash and prizes for it! Please help spread the word and hopefully my design will be printed on lots of shirts for beautiful people to wear every day. Click here to VOTE!
(please note you do have to register to Threadless to make your vote)

If you like my design feel free to forward the link onto friends and family...

Much love from Bambi Eyez

Monday, February 7

Diana customised clones exhibition

How adorable are these images from the contributing artists for the Customised Clones Exhibition. Each piece is a complete one-off and will be exhibited as part of the three city tour (Syd, Melb, Akld) and will be auctioned online to raise money for a couple of charities in need of support - and World Child Cancer. Auction is open to online bids on eBay right now! Take a look at this amazing selection of these one-of-a-kind pieces of art!

Sunday, February 6

fancy bookwork

Book of art 
These creations are by Isaac Salazar. I can't even begin to imagine the patients something like this would take to create! I love art made out of everyday objects, it's more interesting and quirky to me. Recently my boyfriend Teddy has been making artwork solely out of sticky tape! Quite amazing actually. I'll hopefully put some pics up eventually (if he doesn't mind.. hehe) 

Thursday, February 3

Wallpaper Republic

Some pretty wallpapers to brighten up everyone's day (and room) I'm usually a fan of "less is more" but these stylish wallpapers really caught my eye. For more images check out Wallpaper Republic 


that HAIR!

Photos courtesy of Bec & Bridge. Totally amazed by this hair, so want it but could never pull it off!
more pics here

Tuesday, February 1

New Artwork "I'm still fond of you"

"I'm still fond of you"
Artwork by BambiEyez

let me know feedback in the comments if you like :)

Road Trippin

These are a few photo's I took recently on a trip to Yamba, NSW. The camera is just a standard point and shoot, but i have added some filters in photoshop. I'm not a photographer by any means but I would love to learn this year. My next purchase, as soon as i can afford it, will be a Cannon DSLR.

this last one is of me, photo taken by Teddy! nice work baybeh xx