Thursday, February 24

Etsy Store : Now Open

My Etsy store is now open! woop woop! he he... Feel free to go check it out here. There are a few prints on there at the moment. These are high quality GiclĂ©e prints on acid-free Hahnemuhle fine art paper using archival long lasting pigment ink (basically means they will last longer than me.. lol)  I wanted to get them printed like this too see the difference between good stock and normal stock. They look really good and if your anything like me, good stock really can make all the difference as far as the look, feel and quality of the print.  I might do some smaller sizes, postcards and greeting cards to add to the mix.

When Teddy's away ... Emma and Fifi will play! the boy is at work so we just mucking around on the iMac photobooth. Here are a few funny pics of me and my cute cat. 
I love the one where she is pawing my face.