Thursday, February 25

your an animal

I was asked by my boyfriend to help him with his new Album artwork and I have been inspired lately by animal heads on human bodies. They look creepy and cute at the same time.. somehow!!?? I will post the album artwork once its completed. These pics were from ffffound. enjoy xx

Wednesday, February 24

skunkboy creatures

loving these cute little stuffed animals by skunkboy creatures. check out her blog here!

Tuesday, February 23


totally in love with these adorably cute wallets from kittycamehome. so talented!
check here etsy shop out here! :)

Friday, February 19

♥ ♥ fi fi ♥ ♥

This Bambi Eyez :: lovelove is dedicated to my cat fi fi. its pretty ridiculous how much love i have for this little furry girl. I would do anything for her. ha ha. But she does make me smile everyday. just too dang cute! he he

Friday, February 12

inspirational artist:: nikki farquharson ♥♥

Artwork by Nikki Farquharson. London-based graphic designer and illustrator. Amazing!!
Link to her work here