Thursday, June 30

Etsy Faves

Polaroid wood brooch : Crafty Folk

Rainy Day Clock - Iluxo

Love is magical - vol25

sorry i have been a bit m.i.a the last week or so... i have been working on a few projects that i hope to share with you all soon. in the mean time pop over to my etsy store and grab a print while there are still some left! Some real bargains .. great birthday pressie or a special gift for a lover... xox

Sunday, June 26


I found this whole set of pixelated camera images over on Bill Brown's website - ALL FREE!

 Bill made 100 pixelated camera illustrations and put them online under a Creative Commons Attribution license - allowing anyone to use, reuse, alter or edit the images in whatever way they saw fit. Me likey! 
I love the simplicity of the these. Bill also has a quirky side project where every year he make a video of himself getting my hair cut and talking about the ups and downs of the past year and his goals and wishes for the next. Cool idea :)

Tuesday, June 21

This video is featured on Spell & The Gypsy Collective today and i just had to repost. 
I love Byron Bay and it's chilled hippy vibe. 

Hope you like this vid as much as me!

Wednesday, June 15

hillary bird

Totally loving the colour palette used in these super cute prints
by Hilary Bird from San Fancisco.

Her use of shapes into some fierce patterns is really clever! I would love to see the "Wolf King" print below on a slouchy oversized shirt, reminds me alot of the aztec trend that is popping up everywhere at the mo..

new illustrations

fashion illustrations from a project i'm currently working on.

Sunday, June 12

flickr faves


Get yourselves over to Kelli Murray's blog for this amazing giveaway! 
I love love love her work so i'm sharing the love and letting you all know about this super cute prize pack. Pop over to her blog for all of the details on how to enter.

Wednesday, June 8

Etsy faves for the week

Olive, Mustard Yellow, and Gray Cowl Scarf -  Miss Miso Designs
Clear 1960s 50s Clubmaster Eye glasses - ParsifalCo

Mad hatter black lace bunny ears headband - Talulahblue

Sweet Statement Bow Necklace - Vintette

Phantom - Jennifer Davis

Monday, June 6

you make me feel like dancin

i found this when i was browsing the interwebs and just had to repost it... 
not sure who the owner is - sorry.
 i always link back to the original owner, so if this is yours ... let me know! 

Angie Wang

Angie Wang is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Portland, Oregon. She has been featured in The New York Times, Nylon Magazine & Time Out. 

On her twitter account it reads "When I was a kid I made a mural on my wall out of snot, and that's when I knew I was artistic." - she sounds like fun to me :)

Sunday, June 5

Emma Louise

last night i watched an amazing talent by the name of Emma Louise! she was the support act for Boy & Bear (who were also great) but Emma really was the standout for me. I can't wait for her album to be released. She has a few songs that she has recorded herself on youtube but the clip above is her first official video. 

After the gig I actually got to meet her, and her drummer and her parents.
was lovely to be able to tell her how amazing she was in person .... and she's only 19! 
we had a bit of a giggle that we have the exact same name :)

Julie Lansom

Julie is a 23rd old from Paris who takes photos because she has a "shitty memory"

Double exposures always have such a striking visual effect and the composition in each of these photos is perfection... so so talented. 

For more from Julie visit her website here.
And for more amazing double exposures check out one of my older blog posts here

Thursday, June 2

meet lottie, edie, lola + harvey

fell in love with lottie, edie, lola + harvey as soon as i saw them, would love one of these beauties in my life. each of these amazing upcycled old dressing tables by ruby rhino are named which i think gives them extra character

they embrace imperfection by highlighting natural holes, cracks and scratches to allow the original charm to shine through.

Wednesday, June 1

so little time

i found these very sweet little brooches by so little time on etsy, made with locally sourced wood in Melbourne, hand-painted and lovingly pieced together.

With a lick of paint, a stitch or two and a whole lot of love, these wearables are individual and one of a kind.

click here to visit their store :)