Who is Bambi Eyez?

Hi friends, my name is Emma (aka Bambi Eyez) from Queensland Australia. I started this blog as a way for me to collect my thoughts, inspiration and to create a place for me to share my artwork with the world. I always credit the owner of each image I use, so feel free to click through and explore. I'm a graphic designer by day and have a love for illustration, fashion and photography. These are a few of my favourite things:  animals, sunsets, the beach, passionfruit, old records, 80's music, road trips, sci fi movies/shows (addicted to Fringe currently) polaroids, riding bikes, anything apple mac (is it strange to like the packaging too?) and my new canon 550D. So happy that you found my blog, I hope you stay a while, say hello if you like and feel free to follow to receive updates on my current artworks. 

♥ Thanks for visiting.

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