Thursday, April 28

buffalo girl

Ohhhh-Myyyyyy! i want this bag so badly! I have been searching for a while now for a bag with fringing on it and i could not seem to find any that i like.. until i saw this baby! she's just perfect... the colour, the belt as the strap and the eagle and turquoise stone! It's by a brand called Buffalo Girl who are situated in Byron Bay. They dont have any prices on their website which makes me worried (i bet it's a squillion dollars) I'm actually going to Byron Bay tomorrow for a girls weekend so I might just have to pop in and see how much this is! The pictures below are from Spell and The Gypsy Collective and incapsulate what i hope the weekend ahead will be like: sunshine, kombi vans, feathers in my hair and chillin. We are even staying in a 10 man teepee! i'll be sure to post some photo's early next week. 

Wednesday, April 27

giveaway time....

To celebrate reaching 50 followers on the blog this week I wanted to thank you all by running a giveaway!!! The prize includes one A3 (297mm X 420mm) print of my artwork "Would you Please", one greeting card of my artwork "Loveless Facination", one postcard of my artwork "Sweet & Tender Hooligan", and one special polaroid taken by my lovely boyfriend Teddy

All you have to do to be in the running for this great prize is be a follower of my blog, comment on this post OR "like" the Bambi Eyez facebook page. Giveaway is open internationally! Winner will be drawn at random using Giveaway closes in 2 weeks time (11 May 2011)

Feel free to tell as many people as you like, spread the word... the more the merrier! 
Good luck & thanks for supporting Bambi Eyez! xx

P.s the "language" used in my print is intended to be cheeky and in no way there to offend. 

Tuesday, April 26

work in progress...

hey lovelies, this is something new I have been working on for a friend. What do you think? I really enjoy creating fashion illustrations, i wish i could quit my job and just make these everyday. I have had such a great response from busy bee lauren's post, many kind words and a few etsy sales. yay! being part of the blogging community brings me a lot of happiness, im meeting people that i would never have had the chance to. I'm feeling excited for future ventures... the ball is finally rolling wooooo! :)

p.s forgot to add.... once i hit 50 followers i will do a giveaway :)

Monday, April 25


I wanted to share with you a few photos i've taken on this loooong Easter weekend. Not sure about other parts of the world but here in Australia we had a 5 day long weekend with Good Friday, Easter Sunday then Anzac day. I took my new Canon 550D out for a few snaps around the Sunshine Coast to practice. I still have a lot to learn about photography but i'm happy with how these turned out. I had a lovely few days with my parents and catching up with friends. Getting to the beach is always so relaxing I would sunbake all day if i could. Let me know what you think...

custom artwork for busy bee lauren

I'm so excited to share with you this custom artwork i did for Lauren over at Busy Bee Lauren blog. I have been following her blog for some time now and love every post she does. Lauren found me through this blog and asked for the custom artwork pictured above. She was soooo lovely to work with, super sweetheart!  If your interested in a custom piece please feel free to email me and let me know All of my existing prints are available at my Etsy store. Also a big hello to all my new followers! you have made me smile :) I think another giveaway is in order soon! 

Friday, April 22

Scallop Shorts: DIY

loving these diy scallop shorts featured on Morven's blog cats and rocking chairs yesterday. now i have to decide what pair of jeans to chop up... 

Thursday, April 21


these stunning artworks are created by the super talented Mandy Shadforth a Contemporary Artist based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (my home town)Mandy also has a kick-ass blog Oracle Fox which i highly recommend, i check it daily

Tuesday, April 19

per aspera

I had a lovely email from a complete stranger the other day! so lovely to hear from a reader of my blog and know that there are people out there enjoying the posts that I do. I'm sure fellow bloggers will feel the same, especially when your just starting out, and only have a few followers. This mystery emailer put me onto Elle Malan (NY) and her blog Per Aspera where i found these unique artworks. I love her drawing style and use of colour. If you like it too, check out her blog for more 

creative blogger award

photo by do11face

thank you so much to SummaBaby for adding me to the list of creatives bloggers. This award asks me to share ten things about myself with you and then pass on to ten other lovely bloggers. I found this a little bit hard but here is my ten :

1. I'm a graphic designer and finished uni in 2004 (omg feeling old)

2. My favourite fruit is passionfruit, could eat tonnes of them.

3. Love my cat fi fi so much and would happily quit my job and open a cattery just so i could play with cats all day.

4. Love the beach, nothing like a fresh swim in the ocean. Hope to own a beach shack one day.

5. I have travelled overseas and worked in London in a photography studio and tv channel. 

6. My parents are practically hippies and my dad has long hair & still surfs the waves where i grew up.

7. My good friend Tif inspired me to get back into creating art about 1yr and a half ago, so thankful she did.

8. My eyes are hazel

9. I would never ever ever ever bungee jump, but i would contemplate jumping out of a plane...? 

10. My all time fave movie is Pretty Woman (i know cliche but i do love it)

now i would like to pass this award on to some smaller blogs i think deserve the award...

Monday, April 18

weekend in photos

note: not all this alcohol was consumed in one weekend.. lol i would be in hospital.

rings: deer topshop, turquoise sportsgirl, armour ring jwlry

Photos taken on Canon 550D 18-55mm Lense

Sunday, April 17

Enfant Sauvage

So in love with this whole shoot, styling and gorgeous mood created in this clip!
photographer Sybil Steele, Teresa Oman from Bikini Bird and rising star cinematographer Claire Gorman created this short film

Saturday, April 16

Friday, April 15

custom artwork

So as you may know, i recently opened an etsy store to sell my Bambi Eyez prints. This artwork is one i custom made for a client who contacted me through etsy and loved my style (awww shucks!) so she sent me some fashion photos for inspiration and voilĂ  here it is! hope you like it too, be sure to tell me what you think in the comments and if you want to buy a print, pop over to the store - lots of different sizes available... starting from only $3