Thursday, April 28

buffalo girl

Ohhhh-Myyyyyy! i want this bag so badly! I have been searching for a while now for a bag with fringing on it and i could not seem to find any that i like.. until i saw this baby! she's just perfect... the colour, the belt as the strap and the eagle and turquoise stone! It's by a brand called Buffalo Girl who are situated in Byron Bay. They dont have any prices on their website which makes me worried (i bet it's a squillion dollars) I'm actually going to Byron Bay tomorrow for a girls weekend so I might just have to pop in and see how much this is! The pictures below are from Spell and The Gypsy Collective and incapsulate what i hope the weekend ahead will be like: sunshine, kombi vans, feathers in my hair and chillin. We are even staying in a 10 man teepee! i'll be sure to post some photo's early next week. 


  1. that bag is GORGEOUS! it would be so amazing for the summer festivals! how i wish i could get my hands on it! x

  2. oooh! love loving your blog! following now! Thank you so much for the post! Lizzy

  3. i love these hippie pics, and that bag is fab!

    <3 steffy
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