Tuesday, April 26

work in progress...

hey lovelies, this is something new I have been working on for a friend. What do you think? I really enjoy creating fashion illustrations, i wish i could quit my job and just make these everyday. I have had such a great response from busy bee lauren's post, many kind words and a few etsy sales. yay! being part of the blogging community brings me a lot of happiness, im meeting people that i would never have had the chance to. I'm feeling excited for future ventures... the ball is finally rolling wooooo! :)

p.s forgot to add.... once i hit 50 followers i will do a giveaway :)


  1. I just love your art - especially this one!!! I'm so jealous of your amazing talent! So excited for my header :) :)

  2. I Wish I had half as artistic flair as you. Where do you get your ideas from or is it all spontaneous?

    I'm glad things are picking up for you and your work is getting noticed :)


  3. wow you're so talented, this is gorgeous x

  4. thanks helen and jasmin!
    i work very spontaneously.... usually inspired by a beautiful image then i just play around until it looks right.

  5. thank you Kelli.... your a sweetie!

  6. congrats on getting 50 followers!

    hello from a fellow Aussie :D