Tuesday, April 19

creative blogger award

photo by do11face

thank you so much to SummaBaby for adding me to the list of creatives bloggers. This award asks me to share ten things about myself with you and then pass on to ten other lovely bloggers. I found this a little bit hard but here is my ten :

1. I'm a graphic designer and finished uni in 2004 (omg feeling old)

2. My favourite fruit is passionfruit, could eat tonnes of them.

3. Love my cat fi fi so much and would happily quit my job and open a cattery just so i could play with cats all day.

4. Love the beach, nothing like a fresh swim in the ocean. Hope to own a beach shack one day.

5. I have travelled overseas and worked in London in a photography studio and tv channel. 

6. My parents are practically hippies and my dad has long hair & still surfs the waves where i grew up.

7. My good friend Tif inspired me to get back into creating art about 1yr and a half ago, so thankful she did.

8. My eyes are hazel

9. I would never ever ever ever bungee jump, but i would contemplate jumping out of a plane...? 

10. My all time fave movie is Pretty Woman (i know cliche but i do love it)

now i would like to pass this award on to some smaller blogs i think deserve the award...


  1. Fantastic list, knew you would have a great one :)

  2. ... fab links ! joined all of them :) xx

  3. oh hey thanks so much! I feel so special now hah (: