Monday, July 4


okay i'm totally showing off now... but look at this darling charm bracelet that I won from Ella Masters! I entered one of her giveaways on her blog, and just happened to be the one lucky person to now have this precious gift in my hands. One of a kind and sent all the way from the uk it arrived in my mailbox today, complete with this hand drawn 'well done' card with descriptions of where each charm was found.

big love! thank you Ella oxo


  1. Aww I entered that giveaway too, it's such a gorgeous bracelet! Love that she's told you where every charm is from, how sweet :) xx

  2. Oh did you Rachel? I love Ella's blog always a great read :)

  3. ahhhh i love it! I think any girl has a weakness for charm bracelets - i love the shade of the purple stone - how amazing is it!

    thank you for the follow on Twitter - just looking through your blog - you are one talented artist, i LOVE your pieces! a new fan and reader :)

    x Lauren

  4. Congrats! It's such a lovely little bracelet!!! =)
    Yay for you!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  5. congrats on winning!! and I just read your comment on my blog :) thank you!! It would of been Jen running the stall on the sunday. I did the saturday.

  6. Congratulation :)
    I love your blog,and I am following you know :*

  7. thanks everyone, and WELCOME to the new followers to my blog :)