Tuesday, May 10

cross my heart

This black velvet turban is my most recent purchase, it's from Casper&Pearl a handmade fashion label just starting out in Adelaide, South Australia. I met Stacey from Casper&Pearl through blogging and bought the turban from her etsy store. When i received it in the post, i opened it to find this gorgeous handmade cross necklace as a gift! so sweet and such a nice surprise.  her grandfather cuts up the crosses in his workshop, how adorable is that!

 i'm still a bit nervous about wearing the turban out, what do you think of the turban trend? and do you like the look on me ? xox


  1. I love the turban, it really suits you, definitely wear it out! x

  2. I visited their etsy and just loooove it all. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I think it looks gorgeous on you, defo wear it! :) And how lovely to get a little gift with it too! xx

  4. It looks great on you! Don't worry
    xoxo Kiki

  5. Hey! I absolutely LOVE your blog! I am having a page dedicated to the blogs that I love and I would love to feature you, come check my most recent blog out and let me know if your interested!
    have a great day! :)


  6. i loooove the turban trend.

    fully support turban wearing.