Wednesday, November 2

slice of heaven

fraser island

maheno shipwreck fraser island

fraser island

eli creek fraser island

fraser island

maheno shipwreck

fraser island rainforrest

lake mckenzie

Fraser Island Australia / October 2011
 Canon Eos 550D 18-55mm Lense

currently listening to: washed out - eyes be closed


  1. what gorgeous photos, it looks so peaceful and tranquil :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  2. I love Fraser Island, I went there a couple of years ago - so beautiful!

    That last photo looks like Lake McKenzie? If so, HOW AMAZINGLY CLEAR IS THE WATER THERE.

    Lovely photos you've taken too :)

  3. Hi Chels, yes it is lake mckenzie!! it was unbelievable :)
    glad you like my photos