Monday, October 24

hayley mary


Hey lovers, this is a new artwork i designed, basically a dedication to The Jezabels and the gorgeous lead singer Hayley Mary. if you have not heard of them check out the website, i highly recommend listening to the new album "Prisoner" they released last month. The lyric i used for this piece is from the song "Hurt Me". Be sure to let me know what you think! x

jezabel close-up

this was the photo i used as inspiration for the artwork


  1. I think you're great. I love your designs... I am going to comment further... ♥

  2. L0VEEEE THIS! I'm sure Hayley and the rest of the band will appreciate this. Great work, you should be proud!

    Hurt me, cut me, serve meeee!!! <3

    x Lauren

  3. thanks Lauren, that means so much! so happy you like it xx