Monday, September 26

am i a part of the cure or am i part of the disease?

I have been thinking of ways to freshen up our bedroom / desk area now that summer is on it's way. I'm using pinterest to collect all of my inspiration and finding it a great way to keep all of the images I find in one central place, totally recommend it - it's super easy to use! I'm loving white linen, framed artwork, mood boards, mismatched prints and patterns in pastel pinks and blue's, and shabby chic! 

I planning on doing it on the cheap too, so will trying to thrift as much as possible. 

If anyone is on pinterest feel free to add me and ill follow back!

All image sources can be found through my pinterest page


  1. i love pinterest! It is such a great way to get track of all your inspirations. I love all the images you have chosen especially the one with all the framed pictures - such a great look!

    ps I have follwed you!

  2. slightly addicted to Pinterest... Followed you back Sam! :)