Tuesday, April 13

adore polyvore!

Holy crap! this is awesome. Some of you may have heard of this, but I haven't so im excited! Wanna know the deal? well... polyvore is a fashion and social shopping platform that's redefining how people around the world experience, create and shop for fashion on the Internet.Polyvore's easy-to-use virtual styling tool lets you mix and match products from any online store to create fashion collections called "sets".

After you have created a set, you can publish and share it with your friends and the Polyvore community. its a site where you can create different "sets" or outfits virtually. its better and easier than looking at items seperately and trying to determine if they would go together or not.

the items are listed in different categories based on type of clothing and you can even choose a particular color to browse through to make it more convenient.

if you like an item enough, you can even purchase it online from their web site. you can create a profile, collect favorite sets that you like, and connect to different ppl by adding them as contacts.

I read that clothing companies have contests to see who can create the best 'set' using items from their store, and they award prizes and the winner is featured. its fun and unleashes the inner fashion designer in all of us!!!

On top of this people also make some unbelievable collage art! I love the randomness (is that a word?? he he) I have posted a few of my fave's below.
click here to go to the site :)

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